Traditional Volterran handicraft goes back to the Etruscan Civilization in the workmanship of alabaster. In time, along with the traditional alabaster works a melting pot of different types of craftsmanship developed, such as: stone and ancient paper restoration, forged iron, bronze casting, jewelry, ceramics, glass, graphics, book binding, pictorical decoration and wood working; this and other less known crafts demostrate an intricate techno-artistic knowledge and vital creativity.

Volterra, in her winding alleys in the historical center, can boast an itinerary of studios, in full ferment, producing original and unusual artistic handicrafts.


Alabaster - Alabastro

Volterran alabaster is made of hydrated calcium sulphate.

The extraction of this unusual and candid stone is carried on in neighboring areas around the city and often there are variegated and winding veining that exalt the beauty of the stone and the products carved in it.

There are many shops that sell alabaster goods and guided tours of the local alabaster factories are available.

Visit and see beautiful jewelry handcrafted in Volterra by local artisan Luca Casini.







Visit and learn more about Volterra artisanship.